CTC calls for Immediate Action to address humanitarian crisis in Syria

For Immediate Release

September 4, 2015.

CTC calls for Immediate Action to address humanitarian crisis in Syria

The Canadian Tamil Congress calls on the Canadian Government for immediate intervention on the refugee crisis plaguing Europe. To date, more than 2 million civilians have fled since war erupted in the region.

The image of Aylan Kurdi’s tiny body washed ashore to Turkey is a sad and striking blow to the human imagination. It vividly brings forth the deplorable reality and desperate measures families take in search of safety. Thousands more continue to be trapped in Syria and live under the constant threat of violence and death.

Under such a catastrophic humanitarian state, CTC is calling on the Canadian Government to go beyond military intervention to reach out and directly assist the refugees. At this juncture, we also appeal to Tamil Canadians, who know firsthand of the plight faced by these traumatized refugees, to provide support in any form possible.

Tens of thousands of Tamils have made Canada home after seeking its shore for refuge. “More recently, as late as 2009, Tamils faced a similarly dire situation during the last stages of the Sri Lankan civil war. At that time, our desperate cries and appeals to the United Nations and the international community went unheard,” said David Poopalapillai, National Spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress.

It is estimated that more than 70,000 people lost their lives during that time. “We simply cannot stay quiet as innocent lives continue to be lost on a daily basis – we simply cannot sit by and watch history repeat itself”, Poopalapillai concluded. CTC remains optimistic that the Government of Canada will take immediate and concrete steps to address the humanitarian crisis unveiling in Syria.

For more information, please call: David Poopalapillai: (416) 240-0078

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