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Scarborough’s Tamil Fest draws praise from Justin Trudeau, John Tory “My Kothu Roti is getting better,” prime minister says

Tamil Fest, one of Toronto’s largest street festivals, broke the 200,000 mark for attendance, and was congratulated for it by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself. “I’m happy to report that my Kothu Roti is getting better,” Trudeau told crowds

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Vintage car a cherished link to the past for Sri Lankan immigrant

At this weekend's Tamil Fest, Sri Ramalingam will stand proudly beside a gleaming piece of his past — a light green A40 Somerset he spent years fixing up. The elegant car, produced in the early 1950s for Britain's Austin Motor Company, was a common sight in the Sri Lanka

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Canadian Prime Minister joins hundreds of thousands at Tamil Fest in Toronto

Canada’s Prime Minister Justine Trudeau joined hundreds of thousands of revellers at Toronto’s Tamil Fest over the weekend, the largest street festival of its kind celebrating Tamil culture and identity. Mr Trudeau came to the event, sampling Tamil cuisine and shaking hands with local Tamils, praising the community for its contributions to Canadian society. The festival is expected to have had as many as 200,000 attendees

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Justin Trudeau Attends Tamil Fest in Toronto

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on August 26 attended a Tamil event in Toronto, which is said to be the largest street festival of its kind outside the Indian subcontinent. The event was attended by over 350,000 Tamil-Canadians, according to the organisers

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Tamil Fest brings many foods, folk arts to Scarborough’s Markham Road
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What’s on in Toronto for the last weekend in August

This is the last weekend of August, so make the most of it. Not sure what to do? Below are some of the events taking place in the city. There are also two subway closures this weekend – one on Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth) on Saturday and another on Line 3 (Scarborough RT) on Sunday.

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Prized old cars bring ‘back home’ feeling to Scarborough’s Tamil Fest

Two of Sri Ramalingam’s most precious possessions, a “brother and sister”, are in a metal shed behind his West Hill home. They are both Austin A40 Somersets, but like all collectors, Ramalingam has his favourite — the lavender one built in 1955. “This car, I’m never going to sell. If I die, I’m going to give it to my daughters,” he said this week.

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Captain Agustus (Gus) Dalton (1930 - 2018) The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) and the Canadian Tamil community is profoundly saddened by the loss of Captain Augustus (Gus) Dalton. On behalf of the entire Tamil Canadian community, we express our deepest...

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The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is proud to announce that the proceeds from the 9th Annual Tamil Canadian Walk being held on September 10th at Thomson Memorial Park will be raised to help the resettlement efforts and build sustainable economic opportunities in the village...

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For Immediate Release October 5, 2016 "That, in the opinion of the House, the government should recognize the contributions that Tamil-Canadians have made to Canadian society, the richness of the Tamil language and culture, and the importance of Tamil heritage...

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Tamil Fest broke records in its second year, drawing over 150,000 visitors from across North America and becoming the largest event to be hosted in Scarborough. Hosted by the Canadian Tamil Congress, the annual festival took place from August 26...

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